Oprah surprises Georgia residents while campaigning for Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey

Watch: Battling for Attention Over Oprah Mike Pence Forced to Tell GOP Voters ‘I’m Kind of a Big Deal Too’

"I was sitting at home in California, minding my own business, but I could not stop hearing about what's going on down here", Winfrey said, charming the crowd that had gathered to see her.

"Sending their support into the state, and some of them come into the state", he said.

"I'm not here because I'm making some grandstand for myself".

Mr Pence has criticised Ms Abrams for using Ms Winfrey during her campaign.

"Democracy is not just about our individual rights and concerns and our individual protections".

Oprah received a rousing welcome from Democrats as she walked onto the stage, but no doubt left a few disappointed by ruling out a bid for the White House.

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"I am an independent woman; I have earned the right to do exactly what I want to do when I want to do it. I'm not trying to test any waters", she said.

She chose to lend her celebrity, she said, after watching how Abrams "handles" herself "in the midst of the onslaught of hate and vitriol". And I know it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices, but this is what I'm here to tell you: "This land was made for you and me". "Are you voting for her?" she asks. "I'm kind of a big deal too and I've got a message, I've got a message for all of Stacey Abrams' liberal Hollywood friends".

"I said, when we were watching it, 'If that women can get folks to eat pizza with a cauliflower crust on it, she is going to get that woman elected the first black female governor.' She took people to church", the co-host added. Kemp and Abrams are neck-and-neck, with the latest polls showing they are at a statistical tie ahead of the election Tuesday.

Those allegations, which are largely unfair, have brought another former president into the discussion: former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter, who amplified calls for Kemp to resign his current position.

While critics of Pence have tried to catch him in a "gotcha!" moment by pointing out that Georgia has a booming film industry, that doesn't negate the fact that Hollywood is the hub of entertainment and a symbol of coastal elitism.

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