President Trump Holds Rally in Cleveland, OH Ahead of Midterm Elections

Trump midterm campaign rally

Trump: 'I Don't Care' if House Democrats Release My Tax Returns

However, thunderstorms are forecast for Tuesday along the eastern coast, as well as snowstorms in the Midwest, which could affect turnout.

He urged the importance of keeping the Senate and House in Republican control. Gillum is facing off against Republican Ron DeSantis, who is a big Trump supporter.

However, two years after an election that proved pollsters and political commentators wrong, nothing is certain on the eve of the first nationwide elections of the Trump presidency. He added: "The Democrat agenda is a socialist nightmare".

On the other hand, if Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, they will have bucked history and delivered a major blow to the Democratic Party.

"Things are pretty good, yet we have all this division and we have this president who's relatively unpopular, so we have this unusual juxtaposition", said Kent State politics professor Michael Ensley, citing Trump's poor approval ratings despite a rollicking USA economy and the absence of any major foreign-policy challenges. "It's an awakening of the Democratic Party".

Polls indicate that Democrats will take control of the House, but could lose seats in the Republican-controlled Senate, where they continue to play defense in several states where they have run incumbents. Perhaps more important, they would claim subpoena power to investigate Trump's personal and professional shortcomings.

First in line was a retiree, Jerry, who did not want to give his last name and said he was voting for the first time in midterm elections.

In New York City, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is expected to become the youngest woman elected to congress while Ayanna Pressley is the favourite to become Massachusetts' first black woman elected to congress.

Democrats are drawing strength from women and college-educated voters, who swung decidedly against Trump since his election.

Historically, though, Republicans are more reliable voters in midterm elections.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot. Should Abrams win, she would become the first African-American woman to be a governor of a U.S. state. "They've really become radicalised". More men than women have seen financial gains (44 percent to 32 percent) and the rich - well, they are rich.

So, here's what the US midterms are all about. The demographic shifts also reflect each party's closing argument. The president also said soldiers would use lethal force against migrants who throw rocks, before later reversing himself.

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The Republican president is the omnipresent figure as Americans render their verdict Tuesday on the past 21 months of Trumpism.

Democrats, meanwhile, have beat their drum on health care.

Days earlier, a frantic manhunt led to the arrest of a fanatical Trump supporter on charges of mailing pipe bombs to prominent Trump opponents, including former president Barack Obama.

The comments came as Trump prepared for a final, three-state rally blitz as he tries to keep Congress in Republican control and stave off losses that could profoundly change his presidency.

"I'm not pleased with Trump's leadership at all".

"The character of our country is on the ballot", he said.

I'll also tell you this: If the Labor Department hadn't fiddled with the seasonal adjustments, Friday's report would have showed around 30,000 additional jobs.

'I don't think that's going to happen, ' he predicted. That is up 67.8 per cent from the 20.5 million early votes cast in all of 2014, the last federal election when the White House was not at stake. "Following the controversy surrounding the Senate confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Generic Congressional Ballot was tied for two weeks, but then Democrats moved back ahead".

"They'll do anything and everything they can to impeach him", she said. "That's why our economy is growing like it is".

In the lower chamber, . the House of Representatives, all 435 seats are up for grabs.

CBS News' current estimate is for Democrats to win 225 seats - just beyond the 218 needed for a majority - while Republicans win 210.

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