Breaking Bad Is Getting a Feature Film

Breaking Bad

CREDIT Courtesy of AMC

"We are happy to welcome "Greenbrier" and Sony Studios to New Mexico", said New Mexico State Film Office Director Nick Maniatis.

AMC's Breaking Bad ended its critically acclaimed five-season run with a finale that brought in a series record 10.3 million viewers. A feature film will begin production in Albuquerque.

Variety confirmed the creator of the series that saw its final days in 2013 is working on a new movie to tie in with the show.

The plot - a kidnapped man on a quest for freedom - sounds an bad lot like Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the final season, when he was kidnapped by Neo Nazis.

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A summary of Greenbrier indicates it details the story of a man who is kidnapped and his subsequent quest to freedom, which dovetails with the storyline at the end of the series as Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, was last seen speeding from a meth lab crime compound he'd been held at against his will. Series prequel, Better Call Saul, is just as good, and at times, even better than the former. Same for Saul too, if for some reason he becomes the star of the film. Season 4 saw the storyline get much closer to the events of Breaking Bad, with actors Jonathan Banks (as Mike Ehrmantraut), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring), and Mark Margolis (Héctor Salamanca) all reprising their Breaking Bad roles. Gus was a powerhouse of a character, and Esposito gave one of the best performances to ever grace television as the antagonist.

Needless to say, I'm pretty fucking amped with any new Breaking Bad content.

It seems as though AMC wants to create giant spinoffs of their most famous projects, and I am not buying it so far.

Collider reports that Gilligan has written the script and is gearing up to direct starting this month in the traditional Albuquerque haunts. But that saying has never really applied to the Breaking Bad franchise, right?

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