The Spice Girls reunion tour is finally happening but without Posh

Posh spice a.k.a. Victoria Beckham sends love to her band mates of Spice Girls for their reunion- view post

Adele reacts to Spice Girls' tour announcement – and it's the best thing we've seen all day!

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "Today marks a special day for the girls as they announce the first tour dates since we performed together in 2012!" @OfficialMelB discusses new @spicegirls album!

To really drive this point home, the gals include a lyric where they say "yes" in three different languages.

When the show's host jumped in, saying, "Or was a huge part", both Mel C and Mel B corrected him, noting, "She still is, she still is".

On Monday the Spice Gir, ls - minus Victoria Beckham - announced they'd be going on tour next year, Bustle reports.

Emma said: "There's no plans for Glastonbury but we should though". We really support her and she's really supporting us. Mel B answered: "Me, because I'm divorced".

Baby Spice copped to that one, explaining, "We were in America, we had gone out for some drinks and we were on our way home in the vehicle and I did feel very ill because I'd eaten something weird and had a few drinks and I was sick out the window and it flew back". "If she had kept her mouth shut for 5 minutes, it wouldn't have flown in!"

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She added: "All we wanted to do was spread the message of women supporting other women, no matter what you look like, what background you come from".

Replying to the question "who needs the money the most?"

Not only does she now have ginger hair, but I also found this photo in front of a matching red wall, so it's fate. "Just about embracing the fact that you're a woman - especially back then and especially now".

But Mel B later said: "Can I just rectify something?" And now I'm gonna go cos I'm gonna cry'.

Tickets for the tour go on sale Saturday.

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