Another Lion Air Hit a Pole in Bengkulu; Pilot, Aircraft Grounded

Lion Air jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last 4 flights Report

Boeing to issue safety warning to pilots for 737 Max jets: Report

CBS News reported on Wednesday that Boeing's 737 Max 8 planes are used across the US, including by Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Lion - always been dogged by safety problems - has said the Boeing 737-Max 8 suffered a technical issue on the flight just prior to its deadly crash Monday and that it was fixed. Erroneous readings can in some circumstances cause the 737 MAX to point the nose down sharply to keep air under the wings and avoid a stall, according to a person briefed on the matter.

The US planemaker said investigators looking into the Lion Air crash had found that one of the "angle of attack" sensors on the aircraft had provided erroneous data.

Boeing issued a statement on an update to the 737 MAX flight manual on Tuesday, Nov. 6, a day after investigators discovered JT610's faulty airspeed indicator.

(BA.N) on how pilots should handle false readings from a plane sensor that authorities say occurred on a 737 Max jet that crashed off the Indonesian coast last week.

On Wednesday, Indonesian officials said the doomed flight would be re-created at Boeing facilities in Seattle to see what role the sensor may have played.

The problem with the planes is in the "angle of attack" sensor which calculates the position of the plane relative to the air current. However, the Times noted, there has been no evidence of widespread problems with airspeed indicators in the Max 8 fleet.

The warning follows preliminary findings from the Lion Air crash that the angle-of-attack (AOA) sensor malfunctioned.

According to reports, the initial investigation into the flight pattern of JT610 has suggested that the sensor was producing incorrect data which the flight computer processed to trigger further errors.

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On the fatal flight, the plane hit the water at very high speed after it had been cleared to return to the airport minutes after becoming airborne.

A Lion Air plane smashed into a lamp post just before taking off, causing a tear in its left wing.

"The bulletin reinforces existing procedures which all Air Canada crews are now trained on", Fitzpatrick said. Boeing's bulletin said it was directing flight crews to existing guidelines.

Lion Air's first two attempts to address the airspeed problem didn't work, and for the jet's second-to-last flight the "angle of attack" sensors were replaced, Tjahjono said.

Boeing said it is cooperating fully and providing technical assistance as the investigation continues.

Some modern aircraft have systems created to correct the posture of the aircraft automatically to keep flying safely. The only way to prevent this, is for the pilot to intervene and manually deactivate the system.

The FAA directive applies to about 250 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft operating worldwide.

Aircraft and engine manufacturers routinely send bulletins to air carriers noting safety measures and maintenance actions they should take, majority relatively routine.

Pilots raise and lower the nose of Boeing jetliners by pushing and pulling on a yoke in the cockpit, which controls panels at the tail known as elevators.

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