Porsche 911 pressure testing in final stages, launch scheduled for early 2019

2020 Porsche 911 development drives

2020 Porsche 911 development drives

The 2019 Porsche 911 992 is going through its final testing programme, with prototypes being put through the gauntlet around the world in all sorts of conditions.

The cat's pretty much out of the bag when it comes to the next generation Porsche 911 with recent spy photos revealing 99 percent of the exterior. The eight-generation Porsche 911 will be launched in Europe in early 2019 and the Italian carmaker has shared the pictures it took during the testing.

Porsche says the test vehicles were moving between climate zones with temperature differences of up to 85 degrees Celsius, as well as "sprinting across elevation changes spanning more than four kilometres". The automaker wants to make sure every component of the vehicle functions just as reliably as it did at the beginning of the testing program. The Porsche has also tackled the European Arctic Circle, roads in China, Nardo test tracks in Italy, and Germany's Nurburgring. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity has also been assessed. The air conditioning and the thermal management system along with combustion behaviour of the new 911 has been put through tests in hot regions such as the Middle East and Death Valley in the US. Additionally, the interior components must also not expand and make noises when exposed to heat. There, the test agenda focuses on areas such as cold start, heating and air conditioning, traction, handling and braking behaviour, as well as the response speed of the control systems related to driving dynamics.

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Finally, the models were likewise taken to the most reduced objective of the demise valley which is around 90 meters underneath the ocean level and afterward at a stature of 4300 meters on the Mount Evans, Colorado where the ability of the bi-turbo chargers and the fuel system was tried.

In total, the prototype models have been driven around three million kilometres (1.86 million miles). In the gallery released by Porsche, it looks like the part of the auto that will be revealed last is the tail light cluster-these images have the ends of the full-width taillight strip still taped up.

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