Queen's 'unusual' offer to Meghan's mum

Doria Ragland got to know the royals including Prince Charles and Camilla at Meghan and Harry's wedding in May

GETTY IMAGESDoria Ragland got to know the royals including Prince Charles and Camilla at Meghan and Harry's wedding in May

As the holiday season approaches and we nail down our travel plans, so too are members of the British royal family. The moment should also serve as a nice full-circle one for Meghan, who just previous year broke royal protocol when she was invited to spend Christmas with her then-fiancé's family for the first time (usually, royals need to be married for their other half to be welcomed to such major family events). In light of all the pre-wedding drama caused by Meghan Markle's father, Doria was poised, collected, and there for Meghan (as the mother of the bride should be).

It's been widely reported how much the Royal family - particularly Queen Elizabeth - loves Meghan Markle and her mother Doria Ragland. Holiday festivities are an event that few outside the royals' inner circle have the privilege of participating in. The Middletons have spent Christmas with the royal family but resided in the neighboring country house Anmer Hall instead.

The Queen's invitation would show respect and also acknowledge that Meghan, unlike Kate, has no other family in Britain, the source said.

Very happy with the idea of becoming a dad for the first time, prince Harry recently shared a gorgeous photo of Meghan Markle and her baby bump on the social networks.

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"Doria's quiet dignity and grace at the Royal wedding has earned her enormous respect from Meghan's new in-laws", the source tells ET.

"Now that they are engaged it was unthinkable that they would be apart for Christmas", a friend of Prince Harry's told The Times past year.

Last year, Elizabeth made a historic exception by inviting Markle, and now she is breaking royal tradition again for Markle's mother. Why, you ask? Here are 12 more times the royal family has broken their own protocol.

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