One killed, two injured in Melbourne 'terror' attack

1 killed 2 injured as knife-wielding attacker goes on rampage in central Melbourne

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One person was confirmed dead after multiple stabbing incident during rush hour in the Australian city of Melbourne, police said on Friday, as the city was placed on lockdown.

"We also take this opportunity to thank those very fearless and dedicated members of Victoria Police who did all of us proud in their very quick response in very risky circumstances", Andrews said. One of the officers shot him in the chest.

Policemen block members of the public from walking towards the Bourke Street mall in central Melbourne, Australia, November 9, 2018.

When they arrived, they were allegedly confronted by a man who started lunging at them with a knife.

The two other victims were in hospital, with local newspaper The Age reporting that one has a head injury and the other a neck injury.

Video posted on Twitter and broadcasted on television showed an officer raise his weapon and then a shot is heard before the attacker falls to the ground clutching his chest.

We're live with Superintendent David Clayton following an incident on Bourke Street in the CBD this afternoon.

Three people have been stabbed, including the fatality.

Three people were reportedly been taken to hospital after the incident on Bourke St.

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At least two members of the public bravely tried to help police. For further updates follow Victoria Police.

The attacker is in hospital in a critical condition and investigators have not released any information about his identity.

"We are now treating this as a terrorism event", said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, adding that the suspect is "someone that is known to us" and had been travelling in a 4×4 packed with gas bottles.

Officers implored anybody with footage of the incident to share it to the Victoria Police Facebook page or attend the Melbourne West Police Station to provide a witness statement.

Later, a man was arrested after he was shot at the scene and taken to a hospital under police guard in a critical condition.

Mr Hair said two civilians became involved as well as two police, trying to stop the man from his attack.

The police have also ruled out terrorism links.

Twitter user Meegan May wrote: "Guy seems to have set his vehicle on fire, then attacked police with a knife". A bomb squad has since rendered the vehicle safe.

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