Google Warns About Tricky Subscription Signups, Threatens Websites Abusing Ads 11/16/2018

Chrome will soon warn you about tricky mobile subscription signups

Chrome 71 will warn users about websites with shady phone subscription forms

An interstitial warning page is shown when Google wants to warn or notify a user about a particular risk or concern before a web page is loaded into the browser.

Google Chrome 71 will identify such websites and warn users of the possibility of getting duped whenever they try to visit such shady websites or while buying or subscribing to a new service.

Chrome will automatically detect if the subscription data on a webpage is insufficient and show up a warning page where users will be given option to either go back or proceed to the page.

That is, conditions and prices should be clearly itemized and communicated to the user and not hidden by the method of placement of the gray text on a light background or in small print somewhere in the end of the page. However, generating fake system messages, redirecting you to other pages, and attempting to steal personal information are some of the main tricks to manipulate your browser and user experience. Don't hide or obfuscate crucial billing information.

Google said that the billing information must be obvious, cost and fee structures must be spelled out, and the information must be easy to read.

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In a bid to scam users, there are web pages that give inadequate information about their subscription services.

Such forms have been around for decades, and they've been used to let users pay for things by entering their phone number into a form, which in turns charges the user by adding a fee to his monthly (fixed or mobile) telephone bill. The search giant will also be notifying the website admins if it witnesses any such warnings.

Webmasters should adhere to Google's new mobile billing charges best practices to avoid having their sites flagged.

Something else to be aware of: There's a growing ecosystem of Android and Windows browsers that are derived from Google Chrome, but there's typically a lag between a fresh version of Chrome and a fresh version of the derived app.

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