Multiple DLC for ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Canceled After Director Departure

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Launches This December

3 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC cancelled as director leaves company

"A new company called Luminous Productions was formed, centered around the staff who had previously been developing the main game as part of BD2, and they have continued to work on the project since", he said during the stream.

The news on the DLC front is surprising: three of the four announced DLC packs scheduled for release in 2019 have been canceled.

Regardless, we'll certainly miss Tabata's contributions to Final Fantasy titles, even if we're also looking forward to whatever future projects he embarks on under his own steam.

According to a statement provided to Gematsu, Tabata's resignation from Luminous Productions (a studio under the Square Enix umbrella) was effective as of October 31. Square Enix's RPG began its development cycle as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but after several years in development and a change of graphics engines, Hajime Tabata took over development and it was reborn as Final Fantasy XV. Today, I have a personal announcement to make to all of you.

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Square Enix just announced in a livestream that three of the four upcoming pieces of downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV have been cancelled. I was able to gain so much experience with my time at Square Enix. Only Ardyn remains now, and it'll be out in March 2019. Additionally, an FFXV/FFIV crossover is still in the pipe and should see release on December 12.

The departure of Tabata is a huge sting for fans. "For that reason, I have made a decision to leave my current position and start my own business in order to achieve my goal".

Final Fantasy XV released in 2016 with a season pass containing extra content, but season pass holders won't be missing out, as it appears everything that was promised has been released.

Good luck to him on that journey.

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