United Kingdom minister quits over ‘terrible mistake’ of proposed Brexit deal

Jo Johnson has called for a second referendum

Jo Johnson has called for a second referendum

The UK needs to "pause and reflect" before doing something "irrevocably stupid" over Brexit, Jo Johnson said a day after quitting as a minister.

To give the public a choice between these two disastrous versions of Brexit would be a "failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis", he said, referencing the 1956 conflict against Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser that is widely seen as marking the moment at which Britain formally lost its imperial role in the world.

Britain's transport minister Jo Johnson on Friday resigned from Prime Minister Theresa May's government in opposition to a looming Brexit deal and called for a second referendum on leaving the EU.

This is despite the fact he reportedly wrote the 2015 election manifesto for the Tory party promising to "honour the result of the [2016] referendum, whatever the outcome".

"It has become increasingly clear to me that the withdrawal agreement, which is being finalised in Brussels and Whitehall even as I write, will be a bad mistake", said Johnson, who was a transport minister in the government.

At the same time, the sources claimed that Brussels isn't sure whether Prime Minister Theresa May's Cabinet approves of her plans.

If a deal is voted down by parliament, the country could be thrust into an uncertain future.

He said he will vote against the deal Mrs May brings back from Brussels, just days after her withdrawal agreement plan was signed off by her cabinet.

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Transport minister Jo Johnson dropped his bombshell news in a recorded video message released this afternoon.

"We will not under any circumstances have a second referendum".

"I've done so, if others feel that it's right for them to do so, good on them".

"We may or may not be able to get an agreement in which case we would have to leave the European Union without one, but we're not going to be bounced into having another referendum", he said.

A Downing Street spokesman said: 'The referendum in 2016 was the biggest democratic exercise in this country's history. "The PM thanks Jo Johnson for his work in government".

Stormont's former first minister insisted there were "many others" in the Conservative Party who could also not support the Prime Minister's proposals.

Speaking of his brother, Jo Johnson acknowledged that the Brexit negotiations "have at least united us in fraternal dismay".

It has gathered support in recent weeks amid increasingly strained relations between Number 10 and the Democratic Unionist Party, who fear Mrs May could agree to a backstop demanded by the European Union which could cut Northern Ireland off from the rest of the United Kingdom in the event of no deal.

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