Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Supported By Fortnite, Feature Launches Next Week

Microsoft Reveals Details for Xbox One X018 Live Show

Tip: Crackdown is Free for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Native keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One was first introduced in September 2018, and now more and more games are moving to utilize the tool - including Fortnite. A post on the Xbox Wire summed up the best deals for Black Friday by announcing the $100 discount and the return of the $1 Xbox Game Pass subscription deal. In order to celebrate this announcement, Microsoft has also released some new trailers and revealed the game's multiplayer combat arena, Wrecking Zone.

You can find out more in the trailers below, and get a slightly more detailed rundown on the Xbox Wire here.

The addition of keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One may help the console level the playing field with competing platform PlayStation 4, which has supported different input devices for quite some time now.

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If you never heard of Crackdown -which is a feat in and of itself- here's all you need to know about the game: it's an open world sandbox where you play the role of a genetically engineered super cop. It features Xbox One X enhancements such as a sharper resolution.

The unique Inside Xbox stream will be part of the company's X018 event in Mexico City running from November 10th to 11th.

Xbox Live Gold, a common gift for the holidays to extend gamers' online subscriptions, will also be on sale from November 22-26 with 40 percent off Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on either the 3-month or 6-month products.

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