Fortnite's South Korean launch accompanies an 8.3 million concurrent player peak

Reddit u  CGGamer

Reddit u CGGamer

This number was told to the publication by an Epic Games representative, and it is largely attributed to the addition of South Korea players recently. This partnership between the league and Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, represents the first time the company has partnered with an outside entity to create in-game purchases for the franchise.

The game has become quite popular among athletes and celebrities, and many National Football League players have been excited to play the game as themselves.

Bear in mind that, this time past year, Fortnite had managed to amass over 7 million players in total, never mind playing at the same time.

Are you one of the 8.3 million active players? PC Bang, a huge internet cafe chain in South Korea can now be found in Paradise Palms. It means that at some times, especially if Fortnite continues to grow, that there may be more people on Earth playing Fortnite than there are people playing games on Steam.

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