The Iceland Christmas Advert Has Been Banned

Iceland Christmas

Iceland wanted the British public to have a ‘palm oil free Christmas

Angry the girl kicks "Rang-tan" out of her room, but not before she asks him why he is there, the advert takes a sad turn as we learn that the Orangutan's home and been destroyed and his mother killed in the pursuit of Palm Oil.

Earlier this year, Iceland committed itself to removing palm oil from all its own label food by the end of 2018 in response to the continued deforestation in South East Asia.

The frozen food specialists joined forces with Greenpeace this year, using their pre-existing advertisement to highlight the destruction of the rainforest due to palm oil.

Iceland had planned to make a splash this year in the hotly contested battle for the title of most memorable Christmas advert with a hard-hitting animated offering spotlighting the role of palm oil in driving rainforest destruction.

But Iceland's advert was said to be in breach of the 2003 Communications advert, according to the vetting organization Clearcast, which clears ads on behalf of the four major United Kingdom commercial broadcasters.

The supermarket chain tried to use their Christmas advert to highlight the horrors of deforestation and its effects on orangutang.

Iceland managing director Richard Walker told the BBC he was "absolutely gutted" people wouldn't be able to watch the ad, which was supported by Greenpeace, on TV. It would have blown the John Lewis ad out of the window.

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The statement went on to say: "However, it has been ruled our advert will not appear on TV alongside other supermarkets as it was banned by advertising regulations on grounds of political advertising".

Iceland raising awareness of palm oil consumption.

Iceland claims that palm oil now appears in more than 50% of all supermarket products.

The supermarket worked with Greenpeace on the video, and it was narrated by actress Emma Thompson.

Clearcast, which approves or rejects adverts for broadcast, said it was "concerned" that the promotion did not comply with legislation on political advertising.

'The culmination of our palm oil project is offering our customers the choice of an orangutan friendly Christmas, and we wanted to reflect this in our advertising.

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