Produced the first commercial launch of ultra-light rocket Electron

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket soars above its Mahia Peninsula launchpad

ROCKET LABRocket Lab's Electron rocket soars above its Mahia Peninsula launchpad

Rocket Lab put seven spacecraft in orbit on Saturday with its first commercial launch, as the company grew its lead in the burgeoning small rocket industry. The rocket will also be carrying two satellites for Spire's earth-monitoring constellation, two for Fleet's space-based smart devices grid, and one for GeoOptics. While the company spent some of that time addressing issues with the Electron rocket, Beck told Ars that most of the company's work has been done to scale the company's operations. SpaceFlight Now reported the next launch will be somewhere between december 10 and december 18, 2018, citing sources with payloads on the rocket. SpaceX can take far more cargo to space, but Rocket Lab is pitching its nimbleness and low-priced as ways to give new customers access to space and to do so on a more convenient schedule. Sunday's launch was its first fully commercial mission and the company is shooting for weekly launches by the end of 2020. The rocket is only 17 meters tall, which is only a one-fourth the size of its bigger siblings like Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. "We've always been very bold and not too shy to say that we hope to be launching to space the most often of anybody in the world". On Sunday morning, November 11, with the world's only private launch site on the Peninsula Mahia in New Zealand was the ideal launching ultralight booster Electron.

More about Rocket Lab and the future plans of the company, including a starting place in the United States, you can find here. But this time around, the countdown went off without a hitch, and the three-stage rocket rose into the southern sky to enter a pole-to-pole orbit.

"The world is waking up to the new normal", Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck said in a statement.

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Rocket Lab's third flight is planned for next month, and its fourth is slated for January 2019. Chad Anderson, Space Angel's chief executive, said that although the vast majority of these companies will fail, a small group possess the financing and engineering wherewithal to get off the ground. "Can they get to market?"

The company was started by Beck, a largely self-taught engineer, who dreamed of building rockets since his childhood growing up on New Zealand's South Island.

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