California wildfires: Number of missing leaps to 631

After devastating loss of life and property here comes another hit from California wildfires

California authorities collect DNA to identify fire victims

The announcements followed reports this week that PG&E lines may have been involved in igniting the Camp Fire in Northern California, which has burned more than 140,000 acres and led to more than 630 people missing and over 60 dead.

"The lessons we had learned in the past kind of went out of the window due to the sheer speed and intensity of this fire", Paradise Emergency Operations Coordinator Jim Broshears said. "I know everybody's looking at that".

While a news release by Cal OES on Sunday promoted the use of N95 masks to help "breathe easy" in light of wildfire smoke blanketing Northern California, Sacramento County this week published multiple warnings discouraging the use and distribution of such masks. Conry wrote Thursday night on a Facebook page dedicated to finding people from the fire zone in and around the incinerated town of Paradise.

Trump took a helicopter tour en route to Chico before he toured Paradise.

"We will be talking about forest management".

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner was on board Air Force One with the president, along with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, other lawmakers and several California politicians.

Area roads were widened, paved and straightened after the 2008 fire to make it easier for residents to get out, but the Camp Fire burned through local escape routes, Broshears said, adding, "we couldn't flow huge amounts of traffic down an available highway because there was no available highway".

California has 33 million acres of forest, according to a University of California web page. Crews managed stop it from spreading toward Oroville, population 19,000. "I love you, '" Nicole said. "We don't exactly manicure all of it".

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"It's going to take working together from the community all the way up to federal government and making sure that we do active forest management, we prioritize infrastructure, public safety, the roads, evacuation, and work together as a team", Zinke said Thursday. I have a strong opinion. I want to see California thrive.

Trump, of course, blamed forest mismanagement in a tweet last week, which led to widespread condemnation. 'Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!' Trump vowed on Twitter.

California's outgoing and incoming governors, both Democrats who have been vocal critics of Trump, plan to join the president on Saturday.

"I think people have to see this really to understand it, " Trump said.

Gary Jacobs, a firefighter sent from San Mateo County, said everybody has their own opinions and he stays out of politics.

Donald Trump paid a visit to the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park in Paradise, Calif. with Gov. Jerry Brown and said, "This is not a state issue, this is not a federal issue, this is an American issue".

The cause of the fires are under investigation.

Two electric utilities say they sustained equipment problems close to the origins of the blazes around the time they were reported.

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