Fallout 76 Update Plans for the Balance of 2018 Revealed

Fallout 76 Update Plans for the Balance of 2018 Revealed

Fallout 76 SERVER STATUS: When will downtime end? Is there an update? What's in the patch?

Fallout 76's latest update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One basically lets you re-download and reinstall the entire game once again as the update itself is larger than the download size of the main game upon release.

Fallout 76 just secured its second update, delivering a new wave of improvements following last week's debut. Still, it should make Fallout 76 that much better, which can only be a good thing.

If this 47GB patch has you anxious for the future, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The notes detail a number of bug fixes, so do check that out if you've been plagued with something in particular. "Please stay tuned for updates!"

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The Bureau of Tourism quest has finally been fixed, as has an issue with enemies being aggro'd for far further than their expected range.

For instance, respawning after being killed in PVP combat will now clear the hostile status you have with other players, which seems like a pretty important fix. One of the biggest prevents blueprints from breaking into smaller parts when players log out, which we imagine is a frustrating issue to encounter.

What those future updates will bring is also a bit of a mystery but one of the priorities is to increase the size of your stash crate. Crafting has also been partially patched up, with gear that would previously revert to being broken now being put back in its repaired state. Bethesda should share a full list of patch notes either before or after the update is applied though to relay information about everything that's changed. Though Bethesda set the stash limit to 400 pounds per player out of a concern for stability, the company thinks it has some solutions that will allow it to raise the stash limit without breaking the game.

Expect 21:9 Ultrawide resolution support, a field of view slider (changing FoV now requires fiddling in config files), and a push-to-talk option for voice, and a larger stash size.

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