Fallout 76 Collectors Bag Fiasco Results In Free Atoms For Players

Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition

Bethesda’s $200 ‘Fallout 76’ collector’s edition isn’t what fans were promised

Following an uproar from fans regarding the material of the bag that is included with Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, Bethesda has attempted to diffuse the situation by compensating fans in a measly way. Those who ordered one of these are starting to receive them, only to find that the "canvas bag" is actually a very cheap, low-quality nylon bag that looks like it should be used to line a bin.

I wanted to let you know that we have updated our initial investigation to now include complaints from purchasers of the Power Armor Edition.

The story quickly snowballed on social media and Bethesda was pretty much forced to issue a statement on the matter.

Bethesda shipped Fallout 76's Power Edition with a cheap nylon bag instead of the promised canvas.

The fan reaction to Fallout 76 keeps getting worse and worse.

Most of the responses on Reddit to the apology indicate that folk are now even more annoyed, as much for the fact of Bethesda not informing them of the change as the miserly in-game compensation now offered.

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Atoms are Fallout 76's microtransaction currency, and 500 Atoms amounts to $5 or so. I love Bethesda, and I've loved their previous games, but they really need to pull something out of the bag (excuse the pun) because they're risking their entire fan base by treating them in this way. Well, this wasn't the bag that made the final cut.

If the response from Fallout community is to believe then it's a big NO. We aren't planning to do anything about it'. Responses to tickets questioning Bethesda about the apparent bait and switch had the company confirm that the Power Armor edition did indeed come with nylon bags due to the "unavailability of materials".

'We hope this doesn't prevent anyone from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector's editions'.

Comically, users can buy a skin that wears an in-game version of the canvas bag.

Now a Washington, D.C., law firm, Migliaccio and Rathod LLP, has announced that they plan to investigate Bethesda's refund policy and the "Power Armour Edition" advertisements to determine if it's worth filing a class-action lawsuit claiming deceptive trade practices.

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