Charged With Selling Samsung's Intellectual Property, Report Says

South Korea charges 9 people with selling Samsung secrets to China

Samsung tech secrets sold to Chinese competitor

Samsung has charged 11 of its employees with breaking the Non-Disclosure and sharing proprietary technology with a Chinese company. As a result, the company holds about 95% of the markets share for small and mid-sized OLED panels.

The Chinese company, which is apparently involved in screen manufacturing according to a report from Bloomberg, paid around US$13.8 million to get hold of Samsung's tech knowledge. Samsung Display invested 150 billion won for six years to develop the technology and produced a smartphone panel curved on all sides by further developing it.

Three people including the chief executive of the company have already been arrested in the case.

Two others who were also allegedly complicit in leaking the technology, but worked for a separate Chinese company, were not indicted. Seeing how integral Samsung's success is to the South Korean economy, the country considers the IP national core technology. Samsung, meanwhile, is expected to show off its pricey take on a foldable smartphone in February at Mobile World Congress and make it first available in March. Earlier this year, several Chinese and Korean researchers were accused of stealing OLED secrets from Samsung. The illegal technology transfer occurred between May and August of this year. This curved OLED edge panel technology is now found on the Galaxy Note 9, and it is bound to come to the Galaxy S10 models early next year.

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Toptec has grown fast by supplying a large amount of 3D lamination equipment to Samsung Display.

According to prosecutors in Suwon, South Korea, the CEO of Samsung supplier Toptec Co.

The company denied the allegations in an official statement. Our company will fully cooperate with legal proceedings to find the truth in court.' Of course, Samsung said the incident has spurred the company to beef up security around its technology and secrets.

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