Former Universities Minister Says PM's Deal "Isn't A Deal"

Leading Brexiter Liam Fox urges support for May’s deal | Financial Times

Former Universities Minister Says PM's Deal "Isn't A Deal"

LONDON - Theresa May faces a bigger than expected defeat on her Brexit deal with the potential to threaten her leadership, with the number of MPs set to vote for her deal in nine days time looking smaller by the day.

"I don't want to go down this path.(but) if they don't produce it tomorrow then we will start contempt proceedings".

Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General, has drawn up secret legal advice which warns that the United Kingdom could be trapped "indefinitely" in a Customs Union after Brexit. If May's Conservative government lost a no-confidence vote it would have two weeks to overturn the result. "This would be a collision course between the government and Parliament", he told Sky News.

He also said a second referendum would be "far better" than Mrs May's deal.

The government believes a unilateral exit mechanism for the backstop would be impossible to negotiate - not least because the European Union would be concerned about what might then happen if May was replaced by another prime minister.

However, he told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show that the alternative was either "no deal or no Brexit".

Leading Brexiter Liam Fox urges support for May’s deal | Financial Times
UK business will be able to bring in high-skilled workers post-Brexit - PM May

Theresa May will be exposed as a "liar" if the government releases its full legal advice on the Brexit withdrawal deal, DUP MP Sammy Wilson has declared.

Michael Gove has insisted it is possible for the government to pass Theresa May's Brexit deal through Parliament, even though many MPs have threatened to vote against it. Instead, she is focused on trying to win next week's Commons vote.

"I think it's inevitable that we will seek to move that", he said, adding "We need to see what that is".

In the increasingly likely event therefore that May loses next week's vote, Labour will nearly certainly seize on it as an opportunity to bring down her government - which is now propped up by an unsteady alliance with the right-wing Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), that is itself expected to vote against the deal.

The paper reported on a letter sent by Cox, in which the top law officer said: "The [backstop] protocol would endure indefinitely" - and claimed Britain would only be able to lose the backstop through a trade deal, which could take years to reach and on which the European Union would hold a veto. We have got him over a barrel of herring and a barrel of mackerel. The backstop will last indefinitely, until it is superseded by the treaty setting out our future relationship, unless the European Union allows us to exit. Opposition parties and a small Northern Irish party which props up May's minority government have also said they plan to reject the deal.

The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, said he believed ministers would be in "really deep water" if they sought to thwart the Commons. Gyimah - the 22nd ministerial resignation since last year's election - swells the growing ranks of pro-European Conservatives voicing displeasure, with many calling for a second referendum, or People's Vote to resolve the issue.

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