Nvidia Titan RTX is the 'world's most powerful' desktop GPU

NVIDIA officially unveils its flagship Titan RTX GPU

Nvidia Titan RTX: 130 TFLOPS of deep learning performance

It's time for the RTX 2080 Ti to move over, because there's a new card climbing to the top of the RTX heap today.

That said, the Titan RTX will still use the same GeForce drivers that power the GTX 20 series, 10 series, and so on. Other specs include 24GB of GDDR6 memory - twice as much as previous Titan models - that translates to a bandwidth of 672GB/s.

The flagship GPU takes aim at AI researchers and data scientists, rather than gamers; Nvidia claims the card "transforms the PC into a supercomputer" allowing faster training and inference of neural networks and enables researchers to experiment with larger neural networks and data sets.

After making a sparse appearance across several major online sites, NVIDIA has finally and officially lifted the veil on the TITAN RTX graphics card.

NVIDIA officially unveils its flagship Titan RTX GPU
Nvidia reveals Titan RTX, 'the world's most powerful desktop GPU'

Labeled "the world's most powerful desktop GPU", it sports 72 Turing RT and 4,608 CUDA cores - outperforming the RTX 2080 Ti, which offers 68 and 4,352 respectively. The Turing powered TITAN Delivers 130 Teraflops of deep-learning horsepower along with 11 GigaRays of Ray-Tracing Performance to users with the most intensive workloads...and a lot of spare cash. It's built to handle the data-crunching rigors of deep learning applications, and of course brings ray tracing performance to the fold.

The TITAN RTX also integrates with Nvidia's RAPIDS open-source libraries to speed up machine learning workflows.

Performance and memory bandwidth for real-time 8K video editing. Pairing two Titan RTX cards via NVLink will scale both memory and compute performance.

Following a number of teases on social media that suggested the launch would be soon, Nvidia has disclosed that the Titan RTX will go on sale later in December at a breathtaking price of $2,499 (around £2,000, AU$3,400).

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