Rudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

Trump’s Cybersecurity Advisor Thinks He’s Being Hacked Because He Can’t Type

Giuliani's Twitter typo used to abuse President Trump

"So the fact that Rudy Giuliani admitted that Donald Trump's tweet was encouraging something is an indication, whether it's to lie or not to lie". Trump and other Republicans have lodged similar "liberal bias" complaints against the site before, so Giuliani was echoing his boss. "Out of control! Supervision please?" declared the former mayor of New York's tweet.

The odd circumstance started when Giuliani tweeted criticism of the timing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller that neglected to include a necessary space after a period that followed "G-20".

"The same thing-period no space-occured later and it didn't happen", he ranted in a follow-up tweet. The URL was purchased and then used to send a single message about how they felt about the president, reading: "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country". "Rudy didn't separate g-20 so ya boy bought the domain", that person said.

In August, he accidentally wrote "hate 'me" rather than "hate 'em" leading several users to respond that they were happy to comply. Time Magazine also may fit that description.

Giuliani's Twitter typo used to abuse President Trump
Rudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

In recent weeks, the social media platform banned numerous political operatives, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and far-right provocateur Laura Loomer. He also was appointed by the president Trump to lead a cybersecurity advisory group for the Trump administration in summer of 2017.

Several Twitter users suggested that Trump's lawyer might be a secret member of the so-called "Resistance", which allegedly sabotages the USA president's "dangerous" initiatives from within the White House.

In his tweet, the president's attorney railed against Mueller for the timing of the special counsel's legal moves, two of which were issued while Trump was traveling overseas.

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