Skype launches Call Captioning and Language Subtitles

Skype Gets Live Captions and Subtitles Support Translation Coming Soon

Skype aims to help users with reduced hearing capabilities communicate better in real time

To enable live captions & subtitles as the default for all Skype calls: select your profile picture, select Settings select Calling select Call subtitles toggle on Show subtitles for all video and voice calls.

The company claims the new AI-powered live captions and subtitles have been optimized to be "fast, continuous, and contextually update as people speak".

A similar feature already exists as an add-on called Presentation Translator although it's not quite as robust as what Microsoft is getting ready to bake directly into PowerPoint. These additional viewing options will include the ability to scroll through them in their own side window.

Microsoft is introducing a major feature for PowerPoint and Skype.

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The new feature is created to contribute on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. There's no mention of when this particular new feature will roll out.

Now, Skype is following suit by incorporating automatic captions and live subtitling during video calls, which will greatly help users who are deaf or hard of hearing. For showing subtitles and captions, the PowerPoint will support around 60 text languages. It also expanded its real-time translation capabilities a couple of years ago, and today says it's releasing translations that support more than 20 languages and dialects in the weeks ahead. With Microsoft continuing to develop the platform though it's clear they want Skype to stay around for much longer - so expect to see many more feature updates coming in the near future.

The new feature can be used on smartphones, tablets and Windows 10, version 14. Once you switch on it, you will be able to read the subtitles in your choosing language during every call.

Lately, Microsoft has been adding features that make a lot of sense to users.

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