New Far Cry game teaser released, shows post-apocalyptic setting

Post-apocalyptic Far Cry to be unveiled tomorrow

Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Teased By Ubisoft, Reveal Coming Thursday

Naturally, we watch it every year. Ubisoft has revealed that a new Far Cry game will be announced tomorrow at The Game Awards 2018.

Just a few moments ago, the publisher released a new teaser trailer for what seems to be a new Far Cry game entirely. We don't know how much of it we'll see at The Game Awards, but this could be pretty cool.

Far Cry 5 released in March to positive reviews. Some players were turned right the fuck off by that nihilistic ending ("What the hell was the point of all this, then?"); others embraced the inherent bleakness of the whole thing ("Haha, there was really no point to any of this, then!").

Will it be a full-blown game, though?

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Interesting stuff! The bucolic country setting seen at the beginning of the trailer strongly suggests the next Far Cry will take place on an atom-bomb-altered version of Far Cry 5's Montana map.

The game appears to be a direct continuation of Far Cry 5, following the destruction of life on Earth at the end of the game.

It definitely looks to be an interesting twist on the series, and we are looking forward to finding out more tomorrow night.

It's worth noting that none of the branding or wording in this trailer specifically mentions Far Cry 5.

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