Dad's Punishment for Bullying Goes Viral

An Ohio father made his daughter walk five miles to school as punishment for bullying

An Ohio father made his daughter walk five miles to school as punishment for bullying

When Matt Cox's daughter was suspended from her school bus for three days, the U.S. father declined to drive her himself and ordered her to make her way in by foot, following behind in his vehicle from where he filmed her.

An Ohio father who made his daughter walk five miles (8km) to school as punishment for bullying has provoked a debate on parenting.

SWANTON, Ohio -Video posted to Facebook of a father's reaction to his daughter bullying another student has gone viral.

"I was bullied many times by bigger kids than me", she told WTVG.

Cox told the news outlet that he understands why a lot of parents feel the punishment is harsh but said children must be held accountable for their actions.

"Except now she'll take this out on the kid she was bullying or another kid", they wrote.

He said walking 8 kilometres to school in 2 degrees Celsius weather was her punishment for bullying.

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He says he hopes that other kids will see this and make the choice to be kind instead. "For the second time this school year [she's] been kicked off this school bus due to bullying another student", Cox said.

After 10-year-old Kirsten was suspended for three days from the school bus for a second-time bullying offence, Matt Cox made a decision to teach her a life lesson.

The man's creative form of punishment comes after an array of studies and expert opinions in recent times weighed in on what is the right and wrong way to discipline a child.

"So in some ways, this father is doing the right thing of admitting and accepting his daughter's behaviour", she said.

"A lot of children today feel that the things their parents do for them is a right and not a privilege, such as parents taking their children to school in the morning or even bus rides to school in the morning", he said. "The hypocrisy lies with those who would let bullies go unpunished when a dose of their own medicine is the very best cure".

School buses are pictured on January 15, 2013 in New York City.

Cox says he recognizes how it could be perceived but he says he had to correct her behavior. "So that was me showing how I hold my kid accountable".

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