Democrat says hell appeal to Walker to veto GOP power play

Analysis: How GOP Bills Would Limit Gov.-Elect Tony Evers' Power

GOP Wisconsin State Legislature Passes Bill Limiting Incoming Democratic Governor's Powers. Here's What That Means

A day after Wisconsin Republicans approved a package of bills meant to restrict the powers of incoming Democratic leaders, Republican lawmakers in mi advanced a similar effort despite an outcry from Democrats. Republicans lost both seats in the November election. "No prominent Republican I'm aware of has spoken out against the Wisconsin/Michigan governor gambit". Wisconsin Republicans were battered in the midterm election, losing all statewide races amid strong Democratic turnout, yet retained legislative majorities thanks to what Democrats say are gerrymandered districts that tilt the map.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, said as debate concluded in that chamber that the bills would ensure a balance of power between the Legislature and the executive branch. The sponsor, Rep. Rob VerHeulen of Walker, said it would simply let the Legislature intervene without the court approval that it now needs, regardless of which party is in power.

"Republicans have declared all-out partisan war rather than make it a legal battle", he said.

The measures also restrict early in-person voting to two weeks before an election. That would stop Evers and Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul from fulfilling promises to withdraw Wisconsin from a multistate lawsuit seeking repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans in MI are considering a similar tactic to push legislation that would allow the state legislature to intervene in legal battles before the Democratic governor, attorney general, and secretary of state take office in January.

The pre-existing conditions measure failed after all 15 Democrats in the Senate and two Republicans voted against it. The State Assembly also approved the bill along party lines later on Wednesday.

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The measure comes as the state is investigating alleged mishandling of absentee ballots by political operatives. There could also be cases where legislators want to take the same side as the attorney general but make a different legal argument.

The Wisconsin Senate has narrowly rejected a bill that would have created a state guarantee that people with pre-existing conditions can have access to health insurance.

The bill would limit the governor's ability to put in place administrative rules that enact laws and give the Legislature the power to control appointees to the board that runs the state economic development agency until September 1. "You will go down in history as a disgrace". The Trump administration in October granted Walker's request for a waiver that would allow the state to enact the controversial policy, which Evers opposes and recently told reporters he might seek to unwind using his executive power. They made opposition to that lawsuit a central part of both of their campaigns. Democrats would likely need a permanent injunction to stop the changes for good, but Republicans would nearly certainly pursue appeals all the way to the state Supreme Court, which is controlled by conservative justices.

Democrats question the timing and counter that the legislation is an unconstitutional overreach.

As part of the package passed early Wednesday morning, Republicans codified work requirements for some Medicaid recipients.

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