Microsoft Edge Switches To Open Source Chromium Project

Microsoft Guts Edge, Adds Chromium to Save Failing Browser

Microsoft confirms that Edge will switch to Chromium

Chromium is the foundation of Google Chrome, though the open source project is distinct from the company-owned browser. The open-source Web rendering engine is already available to the masses through Google's Chrome browser.

Current Edge users don't need to do anything, as the switch isn't happening very soon.

While the Edge brand isn't going anywhere, users on Windows will eventually notice that web pages render more consistently and, ultimately, better once the move to Chromium takes place. As can be seen from, a website that shows which features are available in which browsers, there's still a lot of fragmentation and quirky browser behavior. Windows VP Joe Belfiore made the announcement yesterday with a blog post entitled "Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration".

While Belfiore says this project will "enable [Microsoft] to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS", the above statement about "all supported versions of Windows" also suggests that Edge will be ported to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Plus - lest we forget - if Microsoft can make a Chromium browser, it can make a Chromium operating system too, to try and bury Chromebooks once and for all.

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Edge is expected to make the jump to Chromium throughout 2019, so don't expect that Mac app to arrive tomorrow. Microsoft explained those details about a year ago, but that's why its present Chromium shift will be geared to Edge on the Windows desktop.

After the rumors, confirmation came from Microsoft that it plans to move its Edge browser from the EdgeHTML engine to Chromium. Beyond that, Edge will be coming to MacOS for the first time. Could we see more people move from Edge to Firefox?

Beyond that, it's important to note that while Microsoft will continue to support existing UWP apps. Likely that's the plan, although Microsoft hasn't specifically said so, at least in recent public announcements. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Microsoft to launch a new version of Windows which will simply beat the tech giant Google's ChromeOS.

It's sad that the web has evolved into this, and although you can't really compare the world of IE6 to today, there are similarities there that can't be forgotten, but for Microsoft and its users, this is a good move, and we look forward to seeing how the project evolves. Currently, Edge updates are tied with Windows 10 updates, which means it only gets a handful of updates throughout the year but once it's decoupled from the OS, it can be updated as often as required across all platforms. Part of that includes introducing improved touch support and web accessibility.

"Clearly Microsoft struggled with being competitive, which was an issue originally created by them selves being incompatible with web standards, which is a benefit when you are the standard, but is a liability when you are not".

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