Valve Brings Battle Royale to Newly Free-to-Play CS:GO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Becomes Free-to-Play Gets PUBG and Fortnite Like Battle Royale Mode Prime Status Membership

Counter-Strike Global Offensive gets a new battle royale mode much like PUBG and Fortnite

Perhaps trying to emulate that game a little, Counter-Strike: GO now has a Battle Royale mode...and has also gone free-to-play. Yes, you read that right! New mode Danger Zone's page makes it sound speedy compared to other battle royales too.

CS:GO's Danger Zone came a bit late to battle royale fever, but it spiked people's interest on the day of its release like other games of the genre. Given this smaller player count, Danger Zone matches are also much shorter than those in other battle royale games, typically lasting around 10 minutes by Valve's estimate. New players will receive access to all game modes, matchmaking, and a limited set of item drops and weapon cases. You can still buy the game and get the Prime status if you so desire.

Players who bought the game before it going free-to-play will get a "commemorative Loyalty Badge" and have their accounts upgraded to Prime status. Just like standard Counter-Strike, you can then use that cash to purchase additional weapons.

So will this new update attract players to return to the game?

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A personal, virtual tablet is provided that can be used to track opponents" positions, track aerial deliveries, and chart paths to avoid the "Danger Zone'. Players can queue into the mode as solo players, or in squads of two or three players. Lab Rats, you need to have Prime Status and earn 250 XP in Danger Zone. Weapons will be from the CS:GO arsenal, like the AK-47 and Desert Eagle. The Prime status upgrade - matching you with other Prime players and providing extra cosmetic rewards - costs £11.99/€13.25/$14.99.

Danger Zone players will also have access to bonus side missions like hostage rescue, high-value target contracts, and sealed safes. Medi-Shot is available as the antidote to recover health quickly during the Danger Zone mode.

The mode accommodates 16 players in singles, and 18 players in duos or triples.

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