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People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

YouTube has released its annual list of top trending videos in Canada for 2018 and videos of the Walmart yodeling kid and this year's Royal Wedding are among some of the videos that have been watched millions of times.

YouTube Singapore said the growing trend towards local content over the past three editions of YouTube Rewind reflects the importance for videos to connect with local sentiments. After it spiked on YouTube, Ultra Music re-released "Dame Tu Cosita" as an extended single with Pitbull, El Chombo and Karol G (along with a music video featuring the dancing alien).

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Before the video even premiered, people were disliking it, probably fully expecting it not really be reflective of YouTube - because it never is. Last year's clip was viewed more than 200 million times, and the newest installment, created again by digital content studio Portal A, is off to a tire-squealing start with almost 5 million views in its first two hours. While the brothers featured heavily in Rewind 2017 their antics in 2018 must have been enough to get them bumped off of the list this year. Many of these locally produced videos offer new perspectives to topics that are important to Singaporeans, it added. Realistically, with the ridiculous size of the YouTube user base, the Rewind was never going to please everyone, but this has stopped people expressing their dissatisfaction.

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So while 2018 was a huge year for YouTube and the internet stars who make it great, many were left off.

The list of top videos is determined not just by views, but also takes into account ways in which audiences interact with the videos including likes, shares and comments.

Will Smith stars in this year's YouTube Rewind and people aren't happy about it - especially since influential stars like Daniel Howell, Phil Lester and Shane Dawson have been missed out. What better way to end the year than to thank those who made it the way it was?

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