Spotify Knows Which Songs You Were Obsessed With in 2018


How to get your Spotify Wrapped 2018 year in review breakdown

Find out how your music has done on Spotify with Wrapped 2018 for Artists.

It's that time of the year when every technology platform wants to remind you of all the wonderful and fun times you had with it over the last 12 months.

Other stats include how mainstream your music taste is, your top genres and the first track you listened to in 2018. That means your playlist is most likely one-of-a-kind, and curated based on your taste (or what Spotify thinks you like).

The feature will help users identify the top tracks of 2018 (according to the Spotify curators) in a few easy steps.

People are taking to Twitter to share their Wrapped stats for better or for worse. Spotify also created a personalized playlist of songs from genres and artists you don't normally explore, called Tastebreakers, just in case you're craving some fresh beats.

It will start by showing what the first song they listened to in 2018 was, as well.

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Now let's see if all this reflects in his top 100 songs as logic would dictate.

You can also guess how many total minutes you spent streaming music on Spotify this year, then see if you're right.

If you head to, Spotify will present you with a deep dive into your 2018 listening habits.

However, this doesn't answer the question of why a top song wouldn't appear in the top 100 playlist, with the support account only writing "This can happen for a number of reasons".

A quick scan of the Tastebreakers playlist generated for us features songs from genres we might not usually listen to.

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