Mexico will pay for wall with trade, says Trump

Trump seizes on France attack to push border wall

Trump says Mexico will pay for wall; Mexican president says he didn't talk wall funding with Trump

"Instead, he has admitted in this meeting that he will take responsibility, the Trump shutdown is something that can be avoided".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday seized on an apparent terrorist attack in France to promote his border wall, the latest example of the US President using fear to push his political agenda. Also note: Pelosi drew first blood, and it was deliberate.

"He invited me. I'm also able to go to Washington, but I think that both for him and for us there must be a reason and I think the most important thing would be to sign this agreement or meet with that goal", said Lopez Obrador.

Democrats have offered no more than $1.6 billion for his project.

"I did tell the president that I prayed for him", Pelosi said at her Capitol news conference in reference to her contentious Oval Office meeting Tuesday with Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the network added. Mow 'em down as they came across the border?

"All along they've been supporting walls, and supporting fences, and supporting all sorts of border security", Trump said in a video posted on Twitter.

Trump vortex: Legal nightmare worsens for President Trump
Cohen had tried to "influence the election from the shadows" and " acted in co-ordination with and at the direction of" Mr. Cohen pledges to help in further investigations that is not something the court can consider now", the judge added.

"The president has the White House, he has the Senate, he has the House of Representatives, all in Republican control", House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said after the meeting on Wednesday. In other words, "You're lying, President Trump, because you won't agree to our partisan version of reality". "They are not coming from Mexican taxpayers".

"We have not discussed that issue, in any conversation ..."

Pelosi responded, "It's not transparency when we're not stipulating to a set of facts". I'm not gonna blame you for it. Unless you agree with Democrats on the facts, the discussion can't be transparent?

Mr. Trump and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador discussed illegal migration from Central America to the United States, as waves of immigrants seeking asylum approach the southern border. "A Trump temper tantrum and shutdown threat isn't going to change any minds here in Congress". "It's like a manhood thing for him - as if manhood could ever be associated with him".

A man looks hrough the U.S. -Mexico border wall in Playas de Tijuana, in northwestern Mexico, on November 18. We can do an nearly flawless job if we have the wall and proper border security, and that's what we're going to do for the American people.

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