January total lunar eclipse to coincide with supermoon


Usher in the new year with a total lunar eclipse

It will occur from 9:36 pm EST (8:06 am IST) on January 20 and end at 2:48 am EST (1:18 pm IST) on January 21. The shadow of the earth will cause some unique red color on the moon, and hence the name is well referred to "Super Blood Wolf Moon".

A lunar eclipse, especially when the Moon is close to the horizon, can be spectacular, but January's show will start quietly.

The super blood wolf moon eclipse will occur at 12:12 a.m. ET on January 21, but you'll be able to watch the moon turn from white to orange in the hours beforehand. This happens when Earth interferes with the Sun and Moon, making the Sun's light curve towards the Moon-henceforth the creepy ruddy tone.

2019 is starting off with a bang as a rare celestial phenomenon is set to take place just weeks into the New Year. And how did Super Blood Wold Moon get its antique name? While the peak is expected to come at 12:16 a.m. EST on January 21, according to Space.com. Winter Solstice 2018: Know All About The Shortest Day and Longest Night of the Year in Northern Hemisphere, Watch Video.

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The moon will retain it bloody hue for around an hour and will be visible from South America and some parts western Europe as well.

It's best to view in clear sky or minimally cloudy sky, but Murphy said people should get away from any streetlights and head out to their backyards to see the eclipse. It'll coincide with a supermoon and a wolf moon.

Some tribes named full moons based on the behavior of the plants, animals, or weather during that month.

A full moon taking place in January or the first full moon of the year has been called a Wolf Moon since colonial times. Totality is expected to occur around 11:12 p.m. So if you don't want to miss out on this one!

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