Fortnite Rakes in $3 Billion Profits in 2018

Epic Games Founder Explains How the Epic Games Store Gets Exclusive Games

Epic Games Giving Away Save the World Mode to Xbox One Fortnite Bundle Buyers After Advertising Confusion

According to post on the game's official Reddit page, Epic will soon begin the process of identifying who has redeemed the Eon Bundle and granting them the Save the World mode sometime next week.

Also, the presence of Fortnite Challenges, which are refreshed on a regular basis, create a sense of motivation for players to approach each game with a different perspective. At around noon on December 26, Fortnite developer Epic Games confirmed that a glitch was keeping gamers from indulging in their favorite pass time.

The bundle, introduced last September, offered an Xbox One S alongside an exclusive Fortnite: Battle Royale cosmetic set themed after the Xbox brand, 2,000 V-Bucks and "a full-game download of Fortnite".

It should be noted that Fortnite is a cross-platform game which is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac, Android.

Since we are talking about Fortnite being a free to play game, we have to mention that the only reason why Fortnite has managed to remain free is because of a huge $330 million investment from the Chinese based company Tencent who purchased a 40 percent stake in Epic Games back in 2012.

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Tracking firm Sensor Tower estimates that iOS players spent $1.23 million daily on the title in November.

If Fortnite and the developer's other projects grow steadily in 2019, then $3 billion in profit could be the new low for Epic Games.

If you haven't played Super Meat Boy, it's a hardcore, fast-paced platformer that has you play as the titular Meat Boy, who is trying to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus.

More broadly, Fortnite has undoubtedly lost out on revenue in China, which froze new game licenses nine months ago, thereby preventing any publishers from monetizing new titles over that period. Since Save the World came first, naturally many assumed that this meant both versions of the game.

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