Carmen Sandiego Trailer Brings the Iconic Woman in Red to Netflix



The first Carmen Sandiego trailer slipped onto the Internet Friday like a thief in the night, and based on its hair-raising action and slick tone, this version looks poised to steal all the hearts. The new show doesn't ask, "Where is Carmen Sandiego?" but instead, "Who is Carmen Sandiego?" as the series peeks into her past while featuring new worldwide capers. Viewers will get to know her even better when the new 2D animated series debuts January 18.

From the stunning animation to the incredible voice acting (did I already mention the incomparable Gina Rodriguez is in this?!), this reboot is primed for bingeing success-but only time will tell where in your queue it ends up. Previously, Carmen Sandiego was a thief working for the worldwide crime ring V.I.L.E. "Stranger Things" star Finn Wolfhard also co-stars, voicing Carmen's friend and partner-in-crime, Player.

'V.I.L.E is stealing all over the world; with luck, I'll secure any valuable artifacts might V.I.L.E. might exploit - by stealing them!'

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Rodriguez will also be playing the character in a live-action Netflix film - with a premiere date yet to be announced.

The Carmen Sandiego character first rose to prominence with a 1983 Brøderbund Software computer game, later paving the way for adapted shows on Fox and PBS.

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