Elon Musk mains 'Zero Suit Samus' in Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Smash Ultimate's next Spirit event is the retro-themed 'Playing with Spirit Power'

Ultimate game files uncovered by dataminers, the next Smash DLC character after Persona 5's Joker may be one of the heroes from the Dragon Quest series. Ultimate has four more DLC characters in the works as part of the DLC Fighters Pass.

With those two out of the way, all that's left is the identity of fearless, and right now all bets are on it being someone from Dragon Quest - most likely Erdrick, the central character of the original three games (he was only playable in DQ III though).

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available in all regions exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Dataminer Jam1Garner discovered three codenames for upcoming Super Smash Bros.

The third character of the next Super Smash Bros. The hero class in Dragon Quest is referred to as "yusha", which directly translates to "brave".

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It seems that an earlier rumor of the DLC characters coming from Square Enix Games has some truth to it after all. There are also theories "Jack" might actually be a reference to Jack Frost - a demon from the Persona series.

Minecraft's Steve will allegedly include alternate Alex (other Minecraft friend) and Master Chief skins, which could be the closest we ever see to the Chief himself appearing in Smash. Written in katakana, Joker and Jack do share the character for "ji", albeit with a different modifier, but that's the only real link I could find between the two names. Thus far, only two DLC characters have had their identities unveiled by Nintendo, but we may now have a hint at what's to come.

None of these when taken alone mean all that much, but when they're considered together, it's not hard to understand why all fingers are pointing towards Dragon Quest and Erdrick.

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