Google Assistant hits 1 billion devices as war against Alexa heats up

Sales of the Echo Dot were better than expected during the holidays Amazon says.                  Ben Fox Rubin  CNET

Sales of the Echo Dot were better than expected during the holidays Amazon says. Ben Fox Rubin CNET

Devices which can are Android phones running the supported Android versions in supported regions and languages, Chrome OS devices from Chrome 72 onwards, and smart speakers which we wager drive active users more than phones and laptops. Amazon has announced that it has sold over 100 million devices with its Alexa smart assistant built-in. Before Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa start duking it out on the show floor, Google wants to let the world know just how many devices have access to the Google Assistant: a cool billion. Amazon had established the device category smart speaker with wizard Software and now trying to bring Alexa into more and more technology from different manufacturers. Anyone looking to make use of more of an on board voice assistant will still have to fall back on the use of Bixby. This is Samsung catching up to rivals that boast Alexa and Google Assistant functionality in an unusual way - remote voice commands will still be the domain of its homemade Bixby Assistant. As opposed to iPhones and Android devices which come with these assistant's built in by default.

Samsung's next line of TVs, coming this year, will offer voice control through Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant.

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Alexa will focus on becoming more conversational and generally less awkward to use. For example, SmartThings, a smart home device from Samsung, one of Amazon's key competitors in the tech space, has the option to be enabled by Alexa.

Strange, but true; voice-assistant speakers are actually taking over as smart devices. Amazon has done well with its two-year head start in the market.

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