Apple's CES ad takes aim at rivals with privacy boast

Apple greets CES 2019 with snarky iPhone privacy billboard

Apple’s CES Ad Hits Google And Amazon Where It Hurts

For those who don't know, this is the same building where this year's biggest tech conference, CES 2019, will take place. However, CES attendees will see Apple throwing shade on its competitors' struggles about data privacy in an ad plastered on the side of a hotel right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of CES's exhibition spots. While Google and other companies actively participate, Apple has always kept a distance.

More than 180,000 tech industry executives, analysts and investors are set to descend on Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8-11, for CES, the world's largest consumer technology trade show.

Both Google and Amazon have a less than stellar privacy record.

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But it was Facebook that took the biscuit in April when a whistle-blower revealed slippery CEO Mark Zuckerberg had allowed a political consultancy firm to harvest the personal data of more than 80 million people's profiles. The two companies are expected to display more products under the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant brands, which Apple is struggling to get a foothold with its HomePod tech product, CNBC reported.

Apple's not letting CES 2019 pass without making its presence felt. Cook has said that private information "is being weaponized" against consumers with "military efficiency".

CES starts Tuesday and runs through Friday.

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