GitHub's Free Users Will Now Be Able to Make Private Repositories

GitHub's Free Users Will Now Be Able to Make Private Repositories

GitHub to give users of its free plan access to unlimited private repositories

GitHub has made its first major update since Microsoft officially acquired the ubiqituous code-sharing service for $7.5 billion: It's giving away unlimited free hosting for private coding projects.

Microsoft's GitHub will give free users unlimited private repositories. Yes, GitHub Free plan now includes unlimited private repositories. If you are an independent developer who has a ton of side projects and similar things, you can create private repositories for free without having to pay anything with the change. The cost might have prevented students from using a resource that could not only give them more experience with source control but also give them a valuable place to store their work for future job prospects. Sound off in the comments if you think making private repositories free with some restrictions can help GitHub grow its user base this year. This is a reasonable compromise that ensures Microsoft can see profit from GitHub for commercial projects while extending a great benefit to those who could use the help the most.

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GitHub Enterprise is GitHub's new unified product for Enterprise Cloud (formerly GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server (formerly GitHub Enterprise). Now that people have the option to hide this behind a flawless shroud, will this harm GitHub's culture of shameless openness and candidness? This means if you are working on a project with other developers and need more than 3 collaborators, you would have to get a paid account, which is now called GitHub Pro. The new Enterprise Cloud plan will let organizations and businesses access cloud and self-hosted GitHub configurations for a single per-user price.

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