Fiji Water Girl Shows How to Do the Perfect Photobomb

Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Richard Madden

UPSTAGED Bodyguard star Richard Madden was just one famous face

As for her favorite photobomb of the night, the Golden Globe, err, "honor" goes to a certain comedian. The hosts, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, stunned on the red carpet, as did stars like Timothée Chalamet and Constance Wu.

Fiji water girl photobombed many A-listers and stole their thunder.

In the video, Cuthbert works at a record store and is seen energetically dancing around the shop as she sets it up for the day.

No one was safe. And of course, Fiji has their own photographers, but there's so many photographers on the red carpet that no matter where you are, you are in the crossfire of somebody's photo, so you're just in the way no matter where you are. When it comes to photobombing, this girl is a pro.

The venerable actress took to Instagram to share her disgust after her husband found her picture on a CNN news story covering the Fiji Water Girl's omnipresence across the Globes red carpet.

The publicity stunt also inspired a spoof Twitter account with hilarious consequences.

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HuffPost has reached out Fiji Water for comment.

Have to hand it to her, she took a mundane job and made the best of it.

The Sydney woman - who runs the NSW Police Facebook page - chose to join the sweeping social media trend by replicating the Fiji Water Girl.

Getting the most out of her 15 minutes of fame (no judgement, we'd do the same), Kelleth has now spoken to People magazine about the evening.

Cuthbert is signed to Wilhelmina International in Los Angeles and, according to her website, formally worked with several Canadian modeling agencies, including Toronto-based Plutino and Specs in Montreal.

And she's been congratulated for being the year's "first meme".

. Cuthbert, however, was unaware of her social media fame until hours later, though. "I think it's fun to work the red carpet and look at the fashion, but I never get starstruck", she says.

I just have to sift through everything and figure out what offers are good, but I definitely would love to do more acting, more modelling, and just to be really busy - really productive.

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