Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

В Google Assistant появилась новая полезная функция

Google Assistant learned simultaneous translation for 27 languages including Ukrainian

While the platform will no doubt arrive on much more kit this year, we now know that will include some Sonos speakers. That extends functionality from Google's Pixel phones to the larger Android ecosystem, a Google rep told me, with any Android device capable of running Assistant being able to take advantage of the new feature.

Users will also be able to search for the places they go through during their trip and add a new stop. Many of us at DGiT Media love using Google Assistant, and without proper support from Google, the speakers didn't fit properly into our lifestyle. While Android users typically have the Assistant preloaded on their devices, it is going to be a bigger deal for iOS devices, which have a massive Maps install base. That way iPhone owners can get all information hands free without needing the native assistant Siri.

Google is making a lot of interesting announcements at CES this year, mainly with regards to the Google Assistant. The service is being tested only with United for now, but should hit other major airlines soon.

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It's no secret Google has the smartest and most powerful voice assistant out there. What's more, the Assistant will even auto-punctuate your messages now, so you don't have to dictate punctuation marks as well. Since Google Maps already calculates your estimated time of arrival when you're driving, the Assistant now lets you text that arrival time to others, at least if you're using an Android device. Google on Tuesday unveiled a new Interpreter Mode for the Google Assistant, which turns devices like the Google Home Hub into a translator for people speaking different languages. Like, the Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers will be getting the Assistant. It'll also notify you when the check-in facility becomes available, so you can use your voice or do it manually. You can then say "Hey Google, check in to my flight", and Assistant will check in for you.

Meanwhile, for all your bedside requests, Google also showed off Lenovo's new Smart Clock which puts all of the Assistant's features in a handy $80 (£63) companion (UK pricing and availability TBA). There is no word on when either of the feature will be released for the worldwide consumers.

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