Roger Federer Remembers Coach, Prepares for Australian Open

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Roger Federer has left the tennis world in tears after a heartbreaking interview about his former coach, who died in a vehicle crash 16 years ago.

When asked what Carter would have thought to see Federer now with 20 Grand Slams, struggling to maintain his composure, Federer added: "I hope he would be proud".

"I am okay with any format really", he said.

Roger Federer cried and then apologized when he was asked a question about the death of one of his earliest coaches during a CNN interview this week.

Learning of Carter's death whilst playing at the 2002 Canadian Masters in Toronto, Federer was reputedly said to be "never so upset in his life".

Federer expressed his love for the Australian tennis calendar, as there is much that connects him to the country. "It was somewhat of a wake-up call for me when he passed away, I really started to train hard", he said.

"When it first happened, I believe it was in the Davis Cup in Basel when I played an wonderful weekend against the Americans (in 2001) and of course when I won Wimbledon, the emotions were so, so strong. I was able to, you know, have coaching lessons with him".

Federer will look to defend his Australian Open title when he begins his campaign later this week.

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Carter was the one to discover him, Federer said.

Like Federer, Djokovic has seen enormous success at the Australian Open throughout his career.

Carter coached Federer as a youngster but died in a auto crash in 2002 - meaning he never saw Federer win a Grand Slam title.

While Carter coached Federer, his countryman Darren Cahill trained a young Lleyton Hewitt, a future Australian tennis star, in Adelaide. "Sure you could argue I made those decisions, but I had luck along the way".

"Darren would say the same from Adelaide and then we played each other when we were 14, 16, 18, 20 and then the whole career". "I've been training really well....still happy playing, and I won the last two Australian open editions, so yeah i definitely should be going in there with confidence", added Federer.

It put him on a par with other six-time Australian Open winners Djokovic and Roy Emerson - but the Australian great's victories all came before the Open era.

"Am I confident, I don't know", he said. "The legends that I admire, the coaches that I've had in Tony Roche and Peter Carter - they've been incredibly inspirational and important to me in my life". I feel good. I've been training really well.

"I love playing Australia, love playing in Melbourne".

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