Nvidia boss Jensen Huang calls Radeon VII "underwhelming" and "lousy"

AMD Radeon VII on stage

AMD Launches Next Radeon VII GPU, the World's First 7nm GPU

AMD is billing the Radeon VII as the go-to card for content creators as well, showing more than 25 percent performance increases across Blender, DaVinci Resolve 15, and Adobe Premiere.

At its first-ever CES keynote, AMD today announced the new Radeon VII GPU.

Higher performance for less power while using the same number of cores and threads is a clear win for AMD, but it's to be expected given that third-generation Ryzen CPU cores are built on a 7nm process, whereas Intel's desktop CPUs are still on the ageing 14nm.

Su introduced gameplay footage of the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 run at 4K ultra settings on the new GPU with frame rates in the neighborhood of 100fps being displayed on screen.

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AMD have made their move by releasing their latest high-performance GPU the GPU Radeon VII ("Seven"), which uses the company's first 7nm graphics chip.

Furthermore, the new AMD GPU also features a 4,096-bit memory interface and 1 TB/s memory bandwidth, the flawless combination to provide users with hyper-realistic looking content and ultra-high resolution textures.

The Radeon VII comes with support for the DirectX 12 and Vulkan 3D APIs, allowing for better gaming performance ranging from 25 up to 42 percent improvements depending on the game, also when compared to the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 GPU.

"AMD loves gaming and AMD loves gamers", Su said. That means AMD Radeon FreeSync, AMD FreeSync 2 HDR, along with a 4,096-bit memory interface. We'll get a chance to test out the Radeon VII soon, so we'll know just how anxious Nvidia should be. Gamers can effortlessly capture, stream and share their memorable moments and clutch victories with Radeon ReLive; monitor performance and PC system info, and socialize with the AMD Link application; and fine-tune a range of settings to fit their needs with RadeonWattMan technology. It launches on February 7, and all within 24 hours we've had NVIDIA's founder and CEO Jensen Huang talk about AMD's return to the enthusiast end of PC graphics cards as "underwhelming".

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