Poland arrests Chinese employee of Huawei

A Chinese manager at tech giant Huawei was arrested in Poland and charged with espionage on behalf of China

A Chinese manager at tech giant Huawei was arrested in Poland and charged with espionage on behalf of China

Poland has arrested a Chinese manager at tech giant Huawei in Poland and one of its own former counter-espionage officers and charged them with spying on Poland for China, state television and officials reported Friday.

In addition, TVP Info says, Internal Security Agency officers searched Huawei's headquarters in Poland, along with an Orange office where Piotr D. worked.

Maciej Wasik, deputy head of Poland's special services.

Her arrest highlighted USA accusations that Huawei broke sanctions against Iran, but the US has also been pushing to try to curtail Huawei's influence, warning about the company's possible ties to Chinese intelligence and calling on countries to exclude the company as they build new 5G networks.

It was also reported that both detainees pleaded not guilty and refused to give explanations regarding the case.

The U.S. criticism has led to a number of Western countries and companies to review whether they should allow Huawei's equipment to be used in their telecoms networks.

Huawei has repeatedly denied claims of secret ties to the Chinese government.

Nonetheless, intelligence bods recommended banning the use of the kit, and official blocks are in place for state-funded projects in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

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Wang is a graduate of the Beijing University of Foreign Studies who formerly worked in China's consulate in Gdansk, according to his LinkedIn page.

A Huawei representative said the company was looking into the matter.

The Chinese foreign ministry told AFP it was "highly concerned" by the arrest of its citizen.

"We have no comment for the time being".

It comes after Canadian officials arrested a top Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, in December at the behest of US authorities as part of an investigation into alleged violations of USA trade sanctions.

The company added, "we have no knowledge if there is any relation of these actions to his professional duties".

"Huawei complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, and we require every employee to abide by the laws and regulations in the countries where they are based", the statement pointed out. She was granted bail but remains in Vancouver under 24-hour surveillance.

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