R. Kelly's Radio Airplay Plummets After Debut Of 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries

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Foxx said she was "sickened" by the accounts described in the "Surviving R. Kelly" Lifetime television series, but said she has not - and can not - open a criminal probe in the absence of cooperating witnesses.

Executive produced by Dream Hampton, the docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly" detailed accounts from people in Kelly's circle, including the singer's brother, Bruce, who said Kelly had a "preference" for young women and singer Sparkle (the aunt of the 14-year-old in the sex tape) who testified against him in court. However, after speaking with Kelly, officers determined the information to be inaccurate and let him walk free without incident.

It comes after pressure on the pop star to condemn Kelly, whose history of alleged sexual abuse has come under the spotlight again due to the release of Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly.

The club itself posted videos of Kelly performing to their Instagram Story. "I love you", she ended the statement.

"You know, I watched John Legend be fearless about his opinion of it, regardless of, politically, how it may seem but I've been tight about this s-t for years".

They believe that she is being held captive but the singer, but both Kelly and Jocelyn deny this is the case.

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx called on alleged victims of R. Kelly to come forward at a media conference Tuesday.

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R. Kelly's attorney, Stephen Greenberg, called Foxx's request absurd.

"He just told me to take off my clothes and we would proceed from there", she said. She said anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to call the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Division at 773-674-6492.

"There are no underage women, there is no sex cult, it's all some reality TV made up story", Greenberg said.

Lady Gaga is pulling her 2013 song with R. Kelly, "Do What U Want (With My Body)" from streaming services. "No one has ever seen any evidence of it".

The series follows the BBC's "R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes", which was released a year ago. "There are no photos of [Kelly] with these women".

A Henry County police report states Timothy Savage told an officer on January 3 that R. Kelly's manager Don Russell had texted him saying it would be best for him and his family if the documentary didn't air. Russell reportedly said the Savages were providing "false information" for the documentary.

"Watching the documentary, one thing that came up to me is that R. Kelly felt safe and welcomed in Chicago", Anthony Clark, an organizer of the Saturday protest, said in a telephone interview this week.

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