Bird Box director responds to rumours of a sequel

Bird Box

"Bird Box" Monsters Finally Revealed

In Netflix's Bird Box, Sandra Bullock and the rest of the population are terrorized by inhuman beings that can take the shape of an individual's worst fear.

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Bird Box has taken the cinematic landscape by storm, with its accessibility on Netflix leading the to the film becoming one of the most viewed movies of 2018.

As for which members of the cast could return, well, it obviously depends on which route Netflix decides to head down with the story, but given Sandra Bullock's terrific performance, you'd imagine the streaming giant would want her back. Ultimately, director Susanne Bier wisely chose to scrap the idea of seeing the creature and instead rely on the viewer's imagination to conjure up the horror of what several of the characters witness. Bergholtz agrees, writing, "I actually really liked the movie and think it was better off not showing the makeup".

"It's amusing, I read an interview recently where Bullock described the creature as a "snake-like, green man with a horrific baby face".

By now - assuming you haven't been living under a rock, or in some sort of dystopian horror scenario - you've probably heard of Bird Box.

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Will there be a "Bird Box" sequel? As well as underwhelming attempts to make wading through a forest and river a captivating journey, we see flashbacks to the first appearance of the entities.

The film depicts a world where people are killing themselves in a variety of colourful and gruesome ways after looking at an unseen monster.

Nielsen's figure of 26 million is still enough to be the most-watched Netflix Original movie over its first seven days, breaking the previous record of 20 million set in December 2017 by Bright.

Meanwhile, the writer, Eric Heisserer said that the producers had forced him to write a big revelation scene.

"Everybody's deepest fear is going to be different from the other person", she explained. A great one, as always, but perhaps as effortless as she makes it look: the need to survive is the character's only personality trait.

Since being released on Netflix on December 21, 2018, the movie has skyrocketed in popularity.

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