Amazon Planning a Game-Streaming Service

Amazon's next big thing could be game streaming

Amazon's next big thing could be game streaming

Through its Twitch subsidiary, the rapidly growing live video streaming service that focuses on video games, Amazon also oversees a thriving community of passionate gamers, some of whom are enjoying mainstream success and elevated cultural cache.

Just think: No more expensive consoles and no more running out of space, as games will be available at users' fingertips, much like movies and TV shows are for streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix.

Cloud gaming services have the potential to disrupt the video game industry.

And game streaming in general looks to be something that'll start taking off either this year or next, as Microsoft has its badly named Project XCloud, aimed at streaming Xbox One games to all manner of devices.

When Perlman jumped into game streaming over a decade ago, it was possible to play games by connecting to remote servers, but it never reached a mass market.

Backing up the claims, The Verge.spotted two job listings posted by Amazon for engineers to work on cloud gaming. The service could reportedly launch in 2020 at the earliest, though it's unclear if this is for a beta version of the platform or the full thing.

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Amazon wants to compete against other tech giants in the emerging market of video games streaming platforms.

It offers tools through its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, to help developers build games.

Like all technologies, there's further enhancements and improvements to be made which will make these services more reliable and less bandwidth intensive, but will it replace true gaming hardware in the home?

While game streaming potentially opens gaming up to new people, it's also exclusionary.

On top of that, Amazon would likely leverage its 100 million-strong Prime service to woo new consumers in, offering free access bundled with everything else that Prime offers.

Verizon is the latest of several big companies working on their own game streaming services.

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