Mayor Bill de Blasio announces plan to protect New York City tenants

Doesn't that look nice

Doesn't that look nice

On consecutive days this week, the mayor announced a program guaranteeing healthcare coverage for all New York City residents and a measure to mandate 10 days paid vacation time for all workers. In the last two years, the city's Public Engagement Unit coordinated signing up more than 130,000 New Yorkers for plans created by the law. But the services won't be free for everyone, the paper reported: Fees will be assessed on a sliding scale, depending on income.

Those proposals, along with those for universal health care and guaranteed paid leave are still only that - proposals. No U.S. city or state requires paid time off for workers, according to the Post, although Puerto Rico does require employers to pay for time off.

"To be the fairest big city in America, New Yorkers can't be forced to choose between bringing home a paycheck and taking time off to just disconnect or spend time with loved ones - that choice ends with Paid Personal Time", de Blasio said.

The city will be expanding NYC Ferry service from Coney Island to Lower Manhattan (2021) and will be adding a new stop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2019.

Almost half of the New York City workforce, or about 2 million workers, do not have employee-sponsored retirement plans, the mayor said at this State of the City.

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Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 8 million New Yorkers now have health insurance, and the uninsured rate is about almost half of what it was in 2013.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he will pursue local legislation that would require private employers with five or more employees to offer 10 annual days of paid personal time, allowing employees to take paid time off for any goal. The number of required days off would be pro-rated for part-time workers.

De Blasio said his goal is to get the 600,000 New Yorkers without health care - about half undocumented immigrants - access to a primary care doctor and specialty care, prescription drugs and mental health services. "Enhanced coordination among city agencies will better protect tenants and prevent additional bureaucracy that negatively impacts the vast majority of property owners who comply with the law". But the mayor owes around $300,000 to attorneys to cover work they did on an investigation into de Blasio's political fund-raising for a failed effort to flip the State Senate in 2014.

If de Blasio's proposal is approved by the City Council, New York City would become the first and only American city to require paid vacation.

The city will also pressure the MTA to restart the SBS Bus program, helping fulfill the de Blasio administration October 2017 commitment to add 20 SBS routes citywide. "Well-connected developers should not be getting sweetheart deals on the taxpayers' dime".

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