Kylie Jenner loses Instagram record to an egg

An Egg Has Poached The Most Liked Instagram Post Crown From Kylie Jenner

Instagram's most-liked post is going to be an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

The first photo of Jenner's newborn daughter, posted on February 6, 2018, was the leader until this new, mysterious challenger appeared.

The photo has received over 22 million likes, beating previous No. 1 - United States celebrity Kylie Jenner's post of her new-born daughter Stormi.

The world_record_egg account appears to have been created exclusively to break the record.

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It's from an account identifying itself as EGG GANG, and it's the only post from that profile, whose sole reason for existing was to beat Jenner's record. Jenner intends to create another post garnering more than 20 million likes. "Now where's our blue tick?" But that record has been fried by an image of an egg. "What a time to be alive", it said. It has amassed more than 25 million likes since being uploaded on January 4. Thank you all so much for your support and messages.

Kylie has since fired back with a clip of herself frying an egg on hot asphalt, writing "Take that little egg". But for now I need to sleep.

In the red corner, model/actress/star Kylie Jenner and her 123 million followers. It doesn't end here though, we're only just getting started.

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