Rocket League finally gets full cross-platform support on PS4

'Rocket League' Gets Full Cross-Platform Support, PlayStation 4 Included

PS4 cross-play for Rocket League is live now

"You are now ready to play against gamers on other platforms across the world!" More information on the update is "coming soon", according to Psyonix.

In a news post over on the Rocket League website, Psyonix has now revealed full cross-platform play is now live in the game. You can randomly find players on other platforms via the Matchmaking system and it includes all match types, from Casual, to Competitive, and Extra Modes. What this means is that PS4 players can now be matched up with or against people playing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, if they so choose. Originally due out last summer, Psyonix says its cross-platform party system will be out with the game's first update of 2019, the release date of which is now unknown.

But with two of the biggest online games around now supporting the feature it seems inevitable that it'll become more and more commonplace over time.

"Today's announcement is an important one for us here at Psyonix, because we know how much our community has wanted FULL cross-platform support for quite some time", Psyonix's update said.

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To enable cross-platform play (it will be enabled by default), head to the "Options" screen in the "Main Menu", then check off the "Cross-Platform Play" box in the "Gameplay".

Rocket League is now available on PlayStation 4.

Will you be joining in on the cross-platform play fun in Rocket League?

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