Guy's Crazy Stunt Gets Him Banned From Cruise Line

Cruise passenger banned from Royal Caribbean for life after jumping from ship to give friends 'a good laugh'

Royal Caribbean Cruises bans man who jumped off ship

Stomach-churning video posted on Instagram shows the moment Nick Naydev, 27, hurled himself over the edge of the balcony to his 11th-floor room on the Royal Caribbean cruise Symphony of the Seas. In midair, Naydev begins to flail his limbs before he ultimately hits the water.

Speaking to KOIN, Naydev said that he was not allowed back on to the ship and was forced to buy a $200 plane ticket to Miami.

Naydev said he could "barely walk for 3 days" after bruising his neck and tailbone when he struck the water, according to Fox News.

The video on Instagram, however, did achieve some of its goal by amassing over 91,000 views as of the time this article was written. Adding, "I did not think this through before I jumped".

Naydev's friend said "he's jumped from those kind [s] of heights before".

"I hope I don't inspire anybody to do this because it is very unsafe", Naydev told KGW 8 News. His friends are seen helping him before his jump.

The video prompted Royal Caribbean to ban Naydev and his friends from the cruise line for life.

'We are exploring legal action, ' the statement claimed.

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The video shows him standing on the railing as his friends cheered him on, laughing as Naydev was plunging into the Atlantic Ocean.

It's believed he was picked up by a small boat after the dive, brought back to the ship and then asked to leave.

If you're wondering the one thing you should never do on a cruise: We give you Exhibit A.

Speaking for the first time since the daredevil stunt, Naydev, who formerly did gymnastics, said he had no hesitations about his jump.

Mr Naydev didn't respond to requests for comment but responding to the post he wrote his feet "were actually fine" after the dive.

Regarding high plunges into water, "Age and fitness can make all the difference", Charles Euchner, an author who has written about the physics of surviving big falls, told Live Science.

Owen Torres, a spokesman for Royal Caribbean, called the incident extremely risky and told the Sun Sentinel that they are "exploring legal action".

Symphony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship. "We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral".

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